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Stag and Hen Faq

We want you to have an epic day!

Here are answers to our most frequently asked hen and stag questions:

1. Is there parking on-site?

There is ample parking at all of the It's a Knockout® sites we use.

2. Will we all be together as 1 team for the event?

This will entirely depend on your group's numbers. If you are 12 or under you will play as 1 team, anything over this amount will be split into 2 teams.

3. What do we wear to It's a Knockout®?

We recommend you wear something you are comfortable moving around in and that will dry quickly i.e tracksuit bottoms/leggings and vest tops and t-shirts. White is possibly not advisable for ladies for obvious reasons ;-) Fancy dress is permitted should you wish to dress up.

4. Do you provide T-shirts?

No we don't provide team t-shirts. Any pictures on our website are groups that have co-ordinated for the day.

5. Is there somewhere to keep our valuables?

Please do not bring valuables with you if you don't have to. There is a Marquee that you can leave bags ect but we cannot take responsibility for any lost/stolen items or bags unfortunately as this isn't manned 24/7.

6. Is food available onsite?

Dependant on the date/location and number of teams booked in this can vary from week to week location to location. You are more the welcome to bring food with you to all locations.

7. Are there any changing facilities onsite?

There will be somewhere that your group can change at every location but please refer to the map in your itinerary for details.

8. What time does the event finish?

This will depend on the number of teams booked on to your day. We say the event will finish at approximately 3.30pm-4.00pm.

9. Will the event run in bad weather?

The only time we can't run the event is in the case of high winds and thunder and lightning just due to your safety on the inflatable events. A bit of rain and even snow won't stop the event going ahead. Just make sure you dress accordingly!

10. Is transport included?

We don't include transport in our packages. If you need to arrange this please refer to your information sheet attached to the itinerary sent via e-mail.

11. Is it an exclusive event?

The It's a Knockout® event is run as a tournament and so you will be playing against all other groups booked on the day. It is not run as an exclusive event for group's bookings.

12. Can people come along and watch?

You are more than welcome to bring along spectators on the day if you have people that do not wish to participate. This is free of charge.

13. Can we take photos or film the event?

Of course you are more than welcome to record the day's events as you wish.

14. Can we choose the games we play?

The events are pre allocated by ourselves for the weekends and so it is not possible to choose unfortunately. We always ensure that there are a mixture of water games, inflatable games and costume games for maximum enjoyment on the day.

15. Can we drink alcohol before the event?

Absolutely not. We take your safety very seriously and you will not be able to participate in the event if the instructors on the day see you or suspect you have been drinking.

16. Do we have to participate in all the games?

No-one will force you or anyone in your party to participate in a game if you really don't want to. Although you don't have to be super fit to enjoy It's a Knockout® some of the events are more physical than others and so do trust your instincts if you think an event may be too demanding.

17. Do we have a break?

There are no scheduled breaks in the event but there will be a few minutes spare during the day in between games that you can grab a drink.

18. Are there age limits to take part in the event?

The recommended minimum age for our It's a Knockout® participants 16 years.

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